Stage and portable

Live Stage and Portable

It seemed impossible, but is now reality

the new technology created specifically for pianos VIVO

T2L ( True to Life ) is how we called the symbiosis of the innovations developed to enhance the tonal accuracy and responsiveness of the sound to the multiple joints of the pianist.

HD -24/48

DEXIBELL has exceeded the current standard of 16 bits and 44.1 KHz, known in the reproduction of audio CDs, with the use of a higher definition, both in the format of “waveforms” in that integrated the digital conversion circuit to analog (DAC) 16 bits represent the audio into 65 356 levels, while 24 bits can represent more widely in 16,777,216 levels, 256 times more.

This new 24-bit and 48 KHz technology has greatly improved both the frequency response that the dynamic range of the sound, compared to all other digital pianos.

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