The O-line Loudspeaker

The O-Line delivers consistent audio coverage with unprecedented accuracy in a wide variety of architectural environments, using only one amplifier channel per array in many applications. By utilising a complement of unique, Martin Audio designed drivers, and mechanical alignment techniques, simple EQ and Limiting is the only processing required. A powerful software application provides extremely accurate intercabinet and array angles, in order to achieve optimum coverage over a predefined area. O-Line’s aesthetically pleasing cabinet is finished in neutral light grey.


  • Scalable micro line array for maximum deployment flexibility
  • Software optimised array configuration for focussed sound energy
  • Sidelobe-free vertical dispersion from the high frequency section
  • Ideal for high-quality music reproduction as well as speech
  • Architecturally sympathetic design for discreet deployment


  • Churches
  • Museums
  • Sports venues, Conference centres
  • Theatres, Auditoria, Shopping malls, Transport terminals
  • Concert halls, Bars, Restaurants, Lecture theatres

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